Who we are

DeadCow Entertainment

This is a part of DeadCow is a professional international film making production company that strives to create high quality content for businesses, organizations and individuals. DeadCow is a digital media entertainment company that creates video games, movies, and products to entertain viewers all over the world. We are a group of people that wish to create amazing content of Videos, Sketches, Animations, and Podcasts!

Why are we here?

1: To challenge ourselves to be better. Each project we do we strive to take our skills one step further and make the best film or game yet.

2: We just out right love to do it. We have a passion for making films and games, and we want to share that passion with the world.

3: They say a picture is worth a thousand words. SO we want to create millions of memories!

In the Beginning…

February 2007, Five young kids pulled out a small camera with a random idea to create a “Street Fighting” video. They did it. From there, it remained on a flash drive, couple computers, and in the memory of the kids for several years. Every year after that they made it a tradition to create a film from new ideas. The kids were: Alec, Andrea, Alexander, Connor, and Morgan. The first official video, Street Fighter, was uploaded on June 7, 2012. Over the years Connor carried on the love of making videos with some of his friends. Making random videos that they thought were funny. Out of all the sketches and videos they have made some Highlights along the way: Bobble Bobble Doritos (November 2013), and Hide and Seek :: Hobbit Challenge (February 2015). Now we are in the future. The team have plans to make a Feature Film, Animation Series, and of course continue their love of making Sketches.

Who are we?

We are a group of people with a passion for filmmaking, game designing, and mayhem. The staff of this company are listed below.

  • Connor Thomas – Manager 
  • Nathaniel Bowman – Director of Photography 
  • Ben Nolet – Producer 
  • Andrea Thomas – Producer 
  • Cory Von Eiff – Producer 
  • Legion – Official writing team of DeadCow